Gun violence has reached every corner of our lives – schools, houses of worship, movie theaters, bars, restaurants, super markets, malls and more, leaving families across the country fearing for their lives during what should be safe, everyday activities. While high profile cases of gun violence shake our communities, we also know that most incidents of gun violence are not random, and it disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable communities and those struggling with mental health difficulties. Congressman Connolly has always been a strong supporter of common-sense gun safety, and understands we need to take a holistic approach to ending gun violence, preventing unnecessary deaths, and making our communities safer. 

Congressman Connolly is proud to be a Mom’s Demand Action Gun Sense candidate and has received the endorsement from the Brady Campaign. He has an “F” rating from the NRA, which is headquartered in his district and where he frequently joins the community to demonstrate, hold vigils, and protests. He held an open town hall in the wake of the Parkland shooting with students from his district, marched in the streets of Washington and met with the organizers of the March for Our Lives Rally in support of gun reform and policy change. Congressman Connolly supports reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban, mandating safe gun storage, implementing universal background checks before purchasing a gun, and closing the gun show loophole. He also knows we must end the white supremacist radicalization that has prompted the rise in domestic terrorism in recent years. And we need a whole-of-government approach, providing the economic, social, and medical security that ensures those who need help get it and the most vulnerable do not feel the need to turn to violence. 

In 2022, he was proud to support the first new federal gun control law in 30 years. The bill extended background check requirements, blocked domestic abusers from buying guns, and expanded red-flag laws. Thanks to that bill, the ATF now requires anyone selling a gun for a profit to complete a background check on that sale.

Congressman Connolly believes wholeheartedly that these steps are essential to keeping guns out of the wrong hands, saving lives and preserving our community while respecting the rights of all.

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