Congressman Connolly is leading the fight to stop and reverse climate change. He is the co-chairman of the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Caucus, the largest caucus in the House dedicated to the environment. Through this role, he has advocated for investing in clean and renewable energy, and successfully passed the largest investment in clean energy ever. Congressman Connolly supported the Paris Climate Agreement, Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, the Clean Power Plan, and many more progressive environmental policies.

Now he’s leading the fight to stop President Trump from undoing decades of environmental work.  In December of 2018, Gerry and 39 other members signed on to the ambitious Green New Deal (GND) that would create a framework for the government to transition into a greener future. The GND adheres to core principles such as decarbonization of the economy, a federal jobs guarantee with large-scale public investments, and an emphasis on a just transition into a lower-carbon society. This deal allows us to build a greener, more sustainable plan for moving forward, and creates jobs and working to strengthen and empower the lower and middle classes.

Congressman Connolly has vigorously opposed oil drillings in the United States. He opposed oil drilling off the coast of Virginia, which threatens both Virginia’s environment and its economy. He has also opposed oil drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, which is one of the last unspoiled pieces of land in the entire world. Congressman Connolly is invested in protecting our future, but he knows we won’t have one without stopping climate change. His determination to stopping President Trump’s war on the environment is a battle Gerry will never back down from and that’s why the Sierra Club PAC has endorsed his re-election.

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