Congressman Connolly has always defended the rights of women to make decisions about their reproductive freedoms and bodies, especially in the face of an increasingly extreme Republican party and conservative majority on the Supreme Court. Their recent decision to overturn the Constitutional Right of women to control their own bodies is abhorrent to American values and must be overturned.

The greatest priority for Congressman Connolly is passing a law that codifies the protections of Roe v. Wade, and the right for women to make choices about their own body. He has led the fight to overturn the Hyde Amendment and allow federal funding for abortion, has fought to stop the government from trying to pry their way into the personal business of a woman and her doctor, and defended Planned Parenthood and the breadth of indispensable services they provide from continuous Republicans political attacks and attempts to defund them. 

When abortions are banned, they don’t stop happening – they just become more dangerous, and only available to those who can afford them. As with most issues, access to reproductive rights can depend on one’s race, income, and background. Congressman Connolly understands the need for equal and equitable access to Medicare, funding for affordable family planning and abortion coverage, and ending workplace discrimination due to pregnancy or related medical conditions – a focus of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, which the Congressman co-sponsors. He is proud that his advocacy for female and reproductive rights has gained him the endorsements of Planned Parenthood Action Fund and the National Organization for Women PAC, as well as an 100% voting record from NARAL.