Congressman Connolly is grateful to all of the individuals who serve our nation, and is committed to making sure our government dutifully serves veterans of all backgrounds. Over 80,000 veterans and their families live here in the 11th District of Virginia. When soldiers return from duty, Congressman Connolly is committed to ensuring they have chances to further their education, have reliable access to medical care, and successfully re-enter the civilian community and workforce. 

To this end, Gerry has and continues to support legislation that improves the lives of our veterans, helping pass the Federal Worker Leave Fairness Act to ensure veterans had uninterrupted access to their benefits despite the Covid-19 pandemic. He also helped pass the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of 2017, which increased compensation to veterans who were disabled while in service. He co-sponsored the Veterans Mental Health Accessibility Act, which aims to extend and enhance medical services with nursing homecare, and provide special attention to all mental illnesses for combat veterans on active duty. Congressman Connolly is a strong advocate for increased funding to and oversight of the Department of Veterans Affairs in an effort to guarantee our veterans receive the best care possible in an effective and timely manner. 

Giving back to our veterans and their families has always been a top priority for the Congressman. He helped pass the Families of Fallen Servicemembers Act, which guarantees the immediate payment of benefits to families of those who pass away in the line of duty, as well passing legislation to establish a Military-Civilian Task Force on Domestic Violence to address instances of domestic violence within the military. His efforts and actions have gotten him recognized by Our Military Kids, who awarded him with the “Friend of Military Kids” award for his work on behalf of military families. Gerry has consistently received a perfect score from our Military Officers Association of America. Congressman Connolly will not stop here, and continues to be an advocate for our veterans, fighting for the brave people that honorably serve our country.

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