Congressman Connolly has worked hard lowering the cost of prescription drugs. He supported the Affordable Care Act which closed the Medicare prescription donut hole. As part of the historic Inflation Reduction Act, he helped cap the price of insulin for seniors at $35 a month, and Medicare is finally negotiating the price of prescription drugs.

On the House Oversight Committee, Congressman Connolly has led investigations into pharmaceutical companies that price gouge their consumers. He’s personally pressed CEOs at Oversight hearings about their companies raising the price of drugs sixfold while giving themselves huge bonuses. He also supports the Biden administration’s decision to waive vaccine patents during the pandemic, understanding that the COVID-19 vaccine is the result of years of massive government funding in research and development.

Despite his efforts there’s still so much more left to do. Congressman Connolly has co-sponsored the Elijah E. Cummings Lower Drugs Now Act, which would allow the federal government to negotiate the price of prescription drugs, as well as legislation that would hold pharmaceutical companies that price gouge accountable. 

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