Even after shootings at Parkland and El Paso, too many politicians are beholden to the NRA. We must do everything in our power to protect those vulnerable to gun violence and look after our children’s safety. Gerry is a strong supporter of common-sense gun safety and knows what critical steps we must take to prevent gun deaths.

Congressman Connolly is proud of his “F” rating from the NRA and frequently joins in vigils and protests at the NRA headquarters, which is in his Congressional district. He held an open town hall in the wake of the Parkland shooting with high school students from his district. He also marched in the streets of Washington and met with students and parents from all over the country at the March for Our Lives in pursuit of gun reform and policy change. Congressman Connolly supports reinstating the Assaults Weapons Ban, universal background checks before purchasing a gun, and closing the gun show loophole. Connolly will continue pushing to keep guns out of the wrong hands and protect our children.