Congressional Republicans have given tax breaks to the wealthiest and want to loot Medicare and Social Security to pay for it. These two programs have been fundamental for the financial security, health, and quality of life for our seniors. It is extremely important to take care of these citizens as they approach retirement. Congressman Connolly has continually fought against efforts to weaken and privatize Medicare. In Congress, he helped close the Medicare Donut and made prescription drugs more affordable.

Gerry Connolly knows how important it is to protect and strengthen Social Security for seniors. Social Security should be a reliable program for all working people in America; it is a promise from the Federal government that workers who pay into it should have access to it when they need it. He opposes any plan to privatize Social Security and put American’s retirement plans at financial risk. Congressman Connolly has worked on a bipartisan basis to improve and preserve the Social Security system for our current and future generations.

Congressman Connolly has used his position on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform to root out financial efficiency in the Medicare system. Due to waste, abuse, and fraud there is a loss of about $70 billion every year. This can be stopped. Congressman Connolly has consistently opposed legislation that would turn Medicare into a voucher program, leaving the consumers at risk of having to pay more out-of-pocket for worse insurance. Cracking down on fraud will reduce costs and will continue to improve the wellness of our seniors. You can count on Gerry Connolly to protect your retirement.

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